What we do

Exporting sporting talent all around the World

World Players Placing's close relationships with clubs, leagues and federations across the world offer our client unrivalled access to new global playing prospects.

We enlarge the playing field to emerging sporting nations with the ultimate purpose of rebalancing World Sports' map (football, basket ball and rugby) by:

  • developing a career or an end-career plan
  • representation and negotiation of sporting contracts
  • expatriation after-care (moving, administrative issues, local tax system, insurance, etc..)
  • easing the adaptation process for players and their families
  • anticipating the contract's expiry and identifying new opportunities

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Event managment and Academy-style training

WORLD CLASS TOUR U14 (Tennis and Golf)

These kind of tournaments draw their originality from their educational missions and through a unique partnership with UNESCO which promotes sports' values, education and intercultural dialogue.

Already established in Paris (tennis and golf), Washington and Athens (tennis) the World Class Tour's organizing committee would like to share its expertise by extending the concept globally, thereby enabling the maximum of young talented players throughout the world to take part in this amazing adventure.

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We share our experience and know-how with cities, regions, sports federations and leagues willing to promote sports excellence, by assisting local training centres structure themselves to reach high performance and improve their visibility on the international scene.

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Marketing and managment of professional sporting entities

Managing a professional sports club, a league, or a federation, is neither an art nor a gift, but a profession. It is a demanding one, requiring forward-looking strategies and technologies. World Players Placing provides unique training methods and rich learning opportunities to decision makers of professional sporting entities inspired by the European Model.

  • marketing
  • sponsorship and media rights
  • commercial revenue generating activities
  • licensing
  • ticketing
  • public relations
  • insurance
  • players management: 
    • home-grown player’s requirement
    • salary management system
    • players image rights
    • balance between the requirements of clubs and national teams

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We also bring in the essential tools to promote your club (football, basket ball and rugby), nation-wide and worldwide by:

  • providing local intensive training centres
  • organising International pedagogic training exchanges with major European professional structures (which are built on long term partnerships)
  • arranging Exhibition games in your country / Matchmakers
  • running Elite summer camps for U14

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